SDPI Condoles Death of Swami Agnivesh New Delhi: MK Faizy, National President of SDPI has stated that the bereavement of Swami Agnivesh, the forefront fighter against fascism is a great loss to secular India. Swami who has always stood for secularism has been a thorn in the flesh of the Sangh Parivar. Hindutwa forces had endeavoured several times even to physically attack the respected octogenarian. Agnivesh has always shown his disposition and cooperation with the idea of social democracy for social justice and empowerment of the downtrodden people. Swami Agnivesh is a social reformer who had drawn public attention through his laudable services as the Education Minister of Haryana, teacher, lawyer, etc. Thoughts of Swami Agnivesh, a Brahmin by birth, who had dedicated his life for the social justice of the marginalised and downtrodden people in the country are always a motivation and energy to all those who are fighting for social democracy and secular India, said Faizy in his condolence message.