SDPI National President M.K. Faizy delivered the inaugural speech followed by the discussions on current socio-economic political situation of the country and Party activities.
The meeting has passed three resolutions as furnished below

Resolution I
Kanpur Death: Nasty fallout of bulldozer politics
It takes years, sometimes a lifetime’s struggle to build a house. Food, clothe and house are basic civic amenities whose provision is expected to be facilitated by a welfare state. However, a new policy adopted by the ruling BJP is antithetic to the basic idea of a welfare state whereby the government is using the state machinery and bulldozer to demolish people’s houses under one pretext or the other. When a house or hut is demolished, it renders the whole family homeless. The recent death of a mother and daughter in Kanpur Dehat is a consequence of this anti-citizen bulldozer politics. It is shameful that the death of the poor mother and daughter is being politicized and even termed as immolation.

The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is shocked by the dual death and conveys its condolence and sympathies to the family of the deceased. SDPI considers this demolition drive a gross violation of people’s citizenship rights and misuse of the police and other State agencies targeted against minorities and deprived sections of the society, a move which has now resulted into loss of two precious lives in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
The SDPI demands a high level inquiry into the dual death and it demands to stop this anti-citizen bulldozer politics.
The SDPI demands arrests of the real culprits of the mother-daughter’s death and compensation to the immediate family members of the deceased.
The SDPI demands to appropriately compensate the persons whose houses and huts have been bulldozed without court’s order.

Resolution II
The Adani embezzlement case: A shame for Indian democracy
India ushered in the 21st century with an economic boom and flourishing business and trade. Media across the world started portraying India as a future big economic power. But within one and half decade, the buzz stopped and the Indian economy faced serious challenges due to an unwarranted demonetization and other such poor monitory policies. Value of the India rupee has declined and the prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed. The promise of providing jobs to the burgeoning youth has remained unfulfilled, leading to a massive unemployment in the country. This scenario has caused a number of social problems. There has been a high increase in cases of theft, pick-pocketing, road robberies, etc.

Despite Prime Minister’s public claims to create new jobs, bring the black money back and credit people’s bank accounts, no appointments have been made in more than 65 lakh vacant posts, which have seriously affected the functioning of the public services. Added to this now, is case of embezzlement of millions of rupees by Gautam Adani. As has been reported by different media reports, a number of ministries and government agencies allegedly seem to be hand in glove with the multi-millionaire high-profile fraud.
The situation has created a grave economic crisis and sent shock waves across the nation. It has led to an unprecedented amount of monetary loss of stake-holders and a great public outcry. The prime minister’s silence and lack of action in this regard are interpreted negatively. The whole episode has damaged the country’s overseas image. The SDPI therefore demands to:

Set up a high level independent inquiry to check this high-profile corruption.
Immediately seize the passport of Gautam Adani to ensure he does not travel abroad as has been the case in a number of high-profile fraud cases in the past.

Monitor Adani’s all business accounts and order the ED and IT departments to check the records of his financial dealings.

Resolution III
The raid on BBC offices is an attempt to muzzle dissent
Many institutions were created in the past to uphold people’s trust in the government. However, it has been observed that investigation agencies and independent bodies are being increasingly used as a tool of politics to muzzle dissent by the ruling regime. The Enforcement Directorate, National Investigation Agency and PMLA are being used as a tool to intimidate opponents and media houses. The voices of the leaders of opposition parties are being suppressed in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Instead of functioning as a pillar to democracy, media is made the mouthpiece of the government which does not augur well with the country’s democratic ethos. The few media houses and individual journalists who do their work and maintain professional standards face problems. One such recent example is the raid by the IT department officials at the international multi-lingual broadcasting agency, BBC’s offices in Delhi and Mumbai. This has tarnished India’s image globally. In view of the damage cause to India’s global stand due to this undemocratic raid in the name of routine check, the SDPI demands to

Allow media, including the foreign media houses like the BBC to work independently without fear or favor.
Let media function as independent bodies instead of making them mouthpieces of the government and state agencies.
Stop misusing ED, IT, NIA and PMLA to intimidate opponents and dissenting citizens including media houses.

National Vice Presidents Adv Sharfuddin Ahmad, Mohammad Shafi, Gen. Secretaries Elyas Thumbe, Abdul Majeed Faizy, Secretaries Faisal Izzudheen, Tyedul Islam, Abdul Sathar and other members of the Secretariat were present in the meeting.