Resolutions Passed in SDPI National Working Committee Meeting

Bangalore, 10th April 2021: National Working Committee Meeting of Social Democratic Party of India was held on 10 April 2021 at Bangalore. The meeting was discussed various socio political issues and passed the resolutions as furnished below:Resolution No: 1Cancellation of 3 Crores Ration Cards by the Union Government is extreme.Cancellation of 3 Crores of Ration Cards by the central government is very much disturbing and uncalled-for. Showing the reason of ‘not linking Adhar Card’, the Central BJP government has resorted to such a depraved action that put the people into lot of hardships and deprivation. When the people of this nation are very much destitute by the bad governance this mindless action of the regime added more misery into people’s life. The government must know that linking Adhar Card is not a criteria to deny food to the poor and labors of this country. It’s the duty of the government to ensure food security to each and every citizen of this country and to appoint man power to reach the poor people to get the data. SDPI demands that the central government shall restore the ration cards immediately without stipulating any conditions and act to make welfare state.Resolution No: 2Nefarious Conspiracy on Gyanvapi Masjid will lead to devastation and unrest in the country.Creating unnecessary controversies over places of worship by the communal elements and vested interests in the country is the idea of creating unrest to gain political power at the cost of peace and harmony of the nation. Dragging Gyanvapi Masjid in Varanasi into controversy is a latest example. The communal fascist forces are trying to ignite communal sentiments like ‘Ayodhya issue’ to polarize the people favoring upcoming Loksabha elections and to divert the minds of the people by hiding serious failures of present government. ‘The Places of Worship(Special Provisions) Act 1991’ declares that the religious character of a place of worship shall continue to be the same as it was on August 15, 1947. No person shall convert any place of worship of any religious denomination into one of a different denomination or section. All suits or appeals pending before any court or authority on August 15, 1947 will abate as the law comes into power. Hence, nobody has the right to intervene or interfere into any places of worship in the country.SDPI warns that this nefarious conspiracy will be resulted into devastation and unrest in the country and will harm the dignity and esteem of the nation. SDPI will support to the legal battle pertaining to Gyanvapi Mosque and if needed the party will pursue legal fight against any attempt of disturbance on Gyanvapi MasjidResolution No:3Discard EVM Voting System & Bring Electoral Reformation:Complaints on EVM are pouring in about its vulnerability, transparency, trustworthiness etc which is a cause of concern in view of protecting the democracy in the country. The specific points that how EVM and VVPAT machines could be subverted by malware were not yet addressed by the Election Commission yet. Whenever such aspersions are submitted to EC, it refers to Technical Experts Committee (TEC) for assessment. Further, the EC will close the file by just concluding that the EVM-VVPAT systems are not vulnerable to any manipulation and no investigation needed. It doesn’t disclose TEC report to anyone which is proving that something mischievous. SDPI demands that it’s the right of the people to know sincerely about the accuracy and trustworthiness of the machine with proofs. It’s a bitter and open fact that Indian elections are influenced or dominated by ‘money and muscle’ power with communal sentimental exploitations. Mammoth money and muscle politics along with casteism, false assurances, sectarianism, populism etc have demeaned the letter and spirit of democracy. SDPI demands that the legislature shall act upon this issue and pave the way for electoral reformationResolution No: 4Govt. shall protect nations amity and integrityOur nations pluralism and secularism cannot be destroyed by the communal and rogue elements which are proactively spreading hatred, violence and enmity among the people of different religions. Governments shall realize its responsibility to deal with stringent unbiased actions to stop such evils. The inaction on instigators of Delhi riots is still haunting the minds of public. BJP politician Kapil Misra, Union minister of state for finance Anurag Thakur, BJP leaders Parvesh Varma and Abhav Varma, BJPMP Satyapal Singh, BJP MLAs -Nand Kishore Gujjar, Mohan Singh Bisht, Jagdish Prdhan are the main culprits of provoking attacks and riots in Delhi. In spite of written complaints against these culprits the police didn’t filed FIR against them. Another incident of communal hate speech and press meet by Yathi Narasinghand is an idealexample that how the government is silent on rogue communal element by giving impunity. SDPI warns the government that if it won’t take stringent action against communal hate mongers and rogue elements the nation’s amity and integrity will be devastated. Resolution No: 5Rohingya Refugees must be protected There are many incidents reporting from our country that Rohingyas have been harassed, assaulted and humiliated. Their houses were burnt by mysterious forces and made them to live with fear and insecurity. The UNO has passed resolutions that Rohingya refugees must be protected and identification card shall be given to them. Unfortunately, the Rohingyas who possessed ID cards were targeted by the vested interests. SDPI remind the government that the UNO resolutions must be respected and protect RohingyasThe meeting was presided by National Vice President Dehlan Baqavi Sahab. National Vice President Adv. Sharfuddeen, National General Secretaries Abdul Majeed Mysore and Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, National Secretaries Seetharam Koiwal, Dr. Mehboob Shareef Awad, Yasmin Farouqui, and other NWC members were present in the meeting.