Modi Has No Right to Continue as the Prime Minister of the Country – SDPI

Modi has lost all rights to continue as the prime minister of the country on account of his failure in handling the Covid19 pandemic, stated MK Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). He has proved that he is unfit for the august post of Prime Minister.While the country is facing severe health crisis and uncontrolled deaths in the second wave of the Covid pandemic, Modi, reminiscing the centuries old expression “Nero playing fiddle when Rome is burning,” has been keen in conducting “massive” election rallies and boasting of its size at the cost of the lives of citizens.Covid19 spread and the ensuing deaths have crossed all limits, especially in states like Gujrat and Uttar Pradesh. There are no sufficient beds to accommodate the pandemic patients or oxygen supply for the patients in the hospitals in these states. Deaths occur uncontrolled. Gas and firewood furnaces at a crematorium in Gujarat have been running so long without a break during the Covid19 pandemic that metal parts have begun to melt. The central government and the governments in these states are groping in the dark without any idea about containing the pandemic.The B.1.617 novel coronavirus variant, known for its ‘double mutation,’ was detected in October 2020 itself but the health officials didn’t follow up on its spread. Instead, the ministers, minions and sycophants were engaged in blindly praising Modi for winning a “successful war” against Covid19. The country was declared to be “in the endgame” of the Covid-19 pandemic by the union health minister Harsh Vardhan in early March. He was all praises for his leader that he lauded Modi’s leadership as an “example to the world in international co-operation.” Modi was termed a “vaccine guru.” India had begun shipping doses to foreign countries as part of its much-vaunted “vaccine diplomacy.”Things took a U-turn in less than a month. Average infections per day spiked to more than 100,000 cases a day by mid-April. Last Sunday, the country recorded more than 270,000 cases and over 1,600 deaths. According to a report by ‘The Lancet Covid-19 Commission,’ the country could be recording more than 2300 deaths every day by first week of June if unless the infection is properly checked. It took seven months for the union government to consider the second wave Covid19 outbreak to be a public health emergency. Then, it began floating tenders to set up oxygen-generating plants in 150 district hospitals around the country. Out of the 11 plants installed, only five are currently running. Covid patients need to receive oxygen to reduce the load on their lungs to filter the gas from the air as much as 130 litres per minute. But as India’s case load has skyrocketed in the last two months, patients are struggling without sufficient volume of oxygen supply available. The Modi government has totally failed in handling the pandemic crisis and the vaccination drive. The country is obviously experiencing an acute vaccine shortage and it is unclear where from or when more doses will become available. Total number of active cases is more than 20 lakhs. Despite injecting the third highest number of vaccine doses worldwide, India has covered only a small part of its 1.3 billion people. Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest vaccine maker is owned by India, and the country produces more than 60% of all vaccines sold globally. Under the initial agreement announced last year, SII would manufacture up to 200 million doses for up to 92 countries. Due to the overconfidence, euphoria of driving off Covid19 and lack of proper follow up studies and action on the pandemic, the government failed to ensure sufficient quantities of vaccine for its citizens. It has resulted in drying up of vaccine supplies, with the states reporting severe shortage and urging the central government to act. Now, Modi has asked state governments to purchases doses directly from manufacturers at self-set prices, leaving states vulnerable to serious cash burdens.A Facebook troll-post about the Prime Minister’s address to the nation the other day, clearly depicts the ineptitude of the Prime Minister in handling the Covid19 pandemic “Each one take care of yourself, the government will not do anything for you…”The current pandemic situation in the country testifies the incapability of the union government headed by Modi, and so Modi should resign as the Prime Minister and save the country and its people, demanded Faizy.