New Delhi, 5th June 2021: Mohamed Elyas Thumbe, National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India has strongly demanded the removal of Arun Kumar Mishra from the post of Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission, who took charge last Wednesday. Assigning a person who has little respect to human rights is tantamount to ridiculing the concept of human rights. The posting appears to be a ‘quid pro quo reward’ to Mishra for his sycophantic fawning of Modi as “…the versatile genius…”  Mishra’s appointment disregarding the dissention of Rajya opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge who is a member of the selection panel is a challenge to the rule of law, stated Elyas.

Track record and antecedents of Mishra have not been of any merit. It is the notoriety of baking verdicts for the rulers that makes Mishra distinct. One of the main reasons that led four of his colleagues to call for an unprecedented press conference was the assignment of politically sensitive cases, including Justice Loya death case to Justice Arun Mishra by successive chief justices of India. This speaks volumes of his credibility among his colleagues. His loyalty has always been not to judicial or democratic principles, but to his masters, and that made him the most influential junior judge among the Supreme Court judges. He was chosen from a list in which there were three retired CJIs, and he is the first non-CJI to head the commission.

Arun Mishra had ensured always that any judgment in which he was involved was for the pleasure of his fascist masters; and justice, humanity, human rights, etc. were not his concern. Sanjiv Bhatt’s plea for fair probe, Sahara-Birla diaries case, Lalu Prasad Fodder case and Haren Pandya murder case are some of the sensitive cases to cite that Arun Mishra had given judgements to save and please Modi, Amit Shah and the ilk, disregarding the scruples of judicial ethics and justice.

By appointing Arun Mishra to this post, the RSS government is throwing a bait to the greedy and inhumanitarian officers in service with the message that they will certainly be rewarded if they follow suit with Arun Mishra. This practice is highly detrimental to democracy and justice; and it will ruin the executive and judiciary, two of the three pillars of democracy, said Elyas and he urged the non-BJP political parties to unite against such acts of the Sanghi government that would undermine our country.