Raids Are Dastardly – SDPIIt is the fascist style. Intimidate those who differ or dissent. In the past couple of months the futile exercise of intimidating through raids the charity and social organisations that the Sanghis are afraid of being a threat to them is on. It was Human Welfare Foundation and Charity Alliance offices in Delhi that were raided in October, Popular Front of India offices and houses of its leaders across the country a couple of days ago, and it is Ajamal Foundation in Assam today. These raids are not going to end here, because the fascists need an imaginary foe for its survival. While proven terrorists are ensconced in power, those who are engaged in activities aimed for the welfare of the people, especially the downtrodden and marginalised sections, are branded as terrorists and witch hunted. The present raids are a face-saving exercise to divert people’s attention from the crisis erupted due to the unwavering farmers’ protest in Delhi.Apart from creating a smoke screen using such raids, the authorities have never succeeded in producing any evidence of the alleged terror-links or misappropriation of funds by these organisationsSocial Democratic Party of India strongly denounces the unjustified raids on charity and social organisations, and urges the people to unite against fascism to save the country.Mohd ShafiNational General SecretarySDPI