Rahul Khan Murder: SDPI Demands Magisterial EnquiryNew Delhi,24 December,2021: A delegation of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) visited the house of Rahul Khan, a 23 years old married youth, who was brutally killed on 13th December in Rasoolpur village, Haryana. Three Sangh Parivar goons fatally beat Rahul Khan to death, shouting communal slogans. They video-graphed the murder and broadcast it on social media. The planned brutal murder was executed on the day, Rahul Khan’s family moved to their newly constructed house in Sarai Katila village, adjacent to Rasoolpur. Chiddi Khan, father of the deceased had retired in April from the post of Khalasi, a petty employee in Indian Railways had been living with his family in a rented house in Rasoolpur village. After retirement, he purchased a piece of land and constructed a house in it. They shifted to the newly-built house on 13th December leaving behind Rahul Khan and his wife Shahina to join the family the next day. That evening, Kaluwa, a friend of Rahul Khan invited him for an outing. Rahul Khan is said to have declined the invitation as his wife was alone at home. However, on the continuous pressure from Kaluwa, Shahina allowed Rahul Khan to join Kaluwa and other friends, as it was their last day in the village. Rahul Khan didn’t comeback ever from that outing. As Rahul was not back even late in the night, Shahina informed the relatives and the local police. Next day, the relatives came to know from Kaluwa that Rahul Khan was injured in an accident. Mohammad Yusuf, cousin of Rahul rushed to the house of Kaluwa who misbehaved and threatened Yusuf. Then, more relatives rushed to the house of Kaluwa where Rahul Khan was found lying in a pool of blood without clothes, with grievous injuries on every part of his body. He was shifted to the hospital by the relatives in a semi-conscious state. He succumbed to injuries in the hospital. On 16th of December, a video clip was aired on social media showing three youths Om Pal alias Kaluwa, Vishal Balmiki and Akash Prajapati alias Diljale, from Rasoolpur cruelly beating Rahul repeatedly shouting with every stroke ‘hum hindu hain aur tum miyan.’Even after days of the murder, there hasn’t been any investigation about the incident. No one has approached Shahina to take her statement. The family has lost their lone bread-winner. As usual, a counter narrative projecting the victim as equal contributor in the offence has been developed in this case too, as is in the incidents of targetted killings of Muslims, Dalits or Tribals. Rahul Khan has been portrayed as a drunkard and mobile thief by the perpetrators. This strategy of character assassination of the victim is a common practice in every case of violence against innocent victims to provide a cause of abetment to the offenders as excuse for the majoritarian violence. Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad, Vice President of SDPI demanded a Magisterial Enquiry in the case to ensure justice to the bereaved family and also to strengthen the rule of law with a view to check and control the repetition of such crimes in the area.

SDPI demands Magisterial Enquiry into the murder of Rahul Khan.

A delegation of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) made visit on 22nd of December to the house of Rahul Khan, 23 years, brutally killed on 13 December at village Rasoolpur,District Palwal in HaryanaThe SDPI has taken the notice of following moot points to have thorough probe in case of the murder 1)whether the hospital had followed the procedure for the Dying declaration in view of critical condition of the injured person. 2) whether the offenders are affliated to any organisation to commit a pre-midated murder. 3) Whether the killing caused to execute an communal agenda by indoctrinated people and the offenders are politically connected. 4) whether Kaluwa and his two accomplices are habitual offenders and carry criminal history. 5) whether the police has acted fairly and timely.