Pro-People Politics Is 11 Years OldSocial Democratic Party of India (SDPI) that has been formed as the pro-people visage of the fear-free politics is crossing 11 years. It had been in the particular context of the monstrous growth of communal politics, debility of oppositions and indolence of the secular segments getting strong, SDPI was launched . The slogan “Freedom from Hunger; Freedom from Fear” put forward by the party encompassed with priority the issues that India faces now . The political concept of social democracy raised by the party has much relevance in the present scenario. All democratic ideals have been undermined. Constitutional establishments are surrendering one by one to the communal fascism. Efforts, as well, are ongoing at fast pace to bring the courts, that the people were looking at hopefully, under their control. What could be seen in the anti-Muslim riots in Delhi and UP was the government sponsoring the planned riots carried out by RSS and the Sangh Parivar. Government machinery, apart from providing all support to the perpetrators, has been trying to invoke cases against the victims and incarcerate them. The nation is facing the worst-ever economic crisis that the post-independence India had come across. Agricultural sector of India, basically an agrarian country, is totally crumbled. Government have no plans to save it or make the production sector active. Migrant workers dying on roadside without getting food and water is a routine scene. Their right to labour has been denied. At the same time, government is giving relaxation of billions of rupees to the corporates. Entire public sector is put for sale. Not only our soil, but also the space is being sold. Central government is in the role of a real estate company selling public sector undertakings, instead of making use of the productive capacity of the country efficiently. India is breaking the records of farmer suicide, unemployment, inflation, starvation, penury, etc. The country is moving to a big conflict with the neighbouring countries. China and, even Nepal are raising claims on our land. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to tell that the rulers who are joyous of pompousness are deliberately sending our military to death. Government is propagating jingoism instead of mature and cordial foreign policy. While the entire world is making wide arrangements at government level to fight Corona pandemic, Indian government is concentrating on hunting those stand against its communal agenda. Government have not made any effective intervention to rescue the people of India, the second largest country in terms of human resources, from Covid, but were making certain ridiculous declarations instead.Opposition is so weak either to question or bring in an alternative even when the country is facing crucial crisis. Most of them are either yielded to the communal fascism or mortgaged themselves to the enticements from them. SDPI is upholding a policy that doesn’t compromise with the Hidutwa fascism which divides the country. Past eleven years witness to it. What I have to share with my colleagues and supporters is that our political responsibility has increased. It’s not just electoral politics that we had carried out, but it have been the activities of warding off fear and hunger of the marginalized and discriminated people, as well. SDPI has been successful in ripping apart the stereotype political activities by helping those embroiled in crisis and conducting rescue operations for them; and in addition, the seamless anti-fascist fight as well keep SDPI distinct. While wishing you all hearty compliments on the 11th anniversary, I request you to stand with the party in the endeavour of building a new India. With hearty regards,MK FaizyNational PresidentSDPI5,668People reached279EngagementsBoost Post

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