New Delhi, 17th June 2020: MK Faizy, national president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) deeply condoled the death of 20 Indian military personnel at Galwan Valley in Ladakh in a violent face-off with the intruding Chinese military on Monday. He also conveyed his heart-felt condolences to the bereaved families. But for some sporadic skirmishes at the border, there hadn’t been any casualties for the past forty-five years since four Assam Rifles troopers were killed in ambush in 1975. So the loss of lives of the brave soldiers is a great shock to the nation, said Faizy.

The report of violent incident comes days after Gen MM Naravane, Indian Army Chief, said both that armies had begun disengaging from Ladakh’s Galwan Valley region. It’s much bewildering as to how Indian soldiers lost their lives during the de-escalation process. Tension between the two countries began in late April. Several rounds of talks failed to end the standoff. The government had never told the nation as to what was happening at the border in the past one and half months since China started the troubles. Indian paid media were turning a blind eye towards the stand-off while reliable international media have been reporting the Chinese intrusion to Indian Territory. They have annexed around 60 sq.km of Indian land while strengthening their artillery and military force inside the Indian Territory.

Apart from certain feeble statements from the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh such as “India is no longer a weak country” and from Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nithin Gadkari “We do not want land either of Pakistan or China. All we want is peace, amity, love, and wanted to work together,” there hadn’t been a firm stand or serious attempts by the Modi government to resolve the issue diplomatically. The government seems to be afraid of confronting China and telling people the truth.

Prime Minister Modi who had bragged about surgical strike and air strike in his ‘Letter to the Nation’ on the first anniversary of his second term has fully failed in properly handling the situation and ending the stand-off, and this ineptitude has now resulted in the loss of the valuable lives of our soldiers. It shows the govt believed in forcible appropriation of patriotism and grand standing.

Almost all of our neighbours including Nepal have now become cool towards the country due to the mishandling of foreign policy by this government. Nepal has amended their constitution to include around 400 sq. kms of land inside Indian Territory as part of their sovereign territory.  

Faizy expressed deep concern about the developments at the borders with China and Nepal, and urged the Union Government to ensure that   nobody infringes up on the sovereignty of the nation. He further demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh should tell the nation the truth about the happenings at the border and how the soldiers were killed when a de-escalation process, as reported by the Indian Army Chief, was progressing.