Press Conference

New Delhi 1st July, 2019: SDPI feels seriously concerned with the burning issues, currently haunting entire country. The government seems unable to take inclusive, wider and satisfying stand for lasting solution so it is impertinent that SDPI clarifies its stand on the issues presently at the public domain in our country.

Mob Lynching: After the formation of the Ist Modi government in 2014, the word lynching got a fast currency and with the assumption of IInd NDA government, mob lynching has got a stereotype model where the ruling party, government machinery and police are generally seen hand in glove with the criminal assailants and not in any protection and relief to victims. The lynchings have been institutionalised as an alternative to the rules and laws for administration of the governance and justice. Tabrez Ansari case is pointed example of the latest series of day-to-day pre-planned attacks of lynchings by some malicious forces. 

Triple Talaq: The issue has un-proportionally been imposed upon the community that affects the lives of only 0.3 percent of the women victims of the separation by husbands going through triple talaq for marital dissolution on communal grounds. Civil dispute of marriage is exceptionally being turned to criminal punishment which is neither normal nor acceptable in any respect. The government appears afoot to distract the mind of the public from real issues to non-issue with the intention to widen cleavage among communities. 

NRC: National Register of Citizens of Assam has been a soaring wound. The leaders of BJP and the governments have been talking in two languages on the issues. The issue is being erected throughout India to give it a communal colour and vulnerable Indians are harassed and persecuted with a view to taking political mileage in the country. SDPI opposes the communal polarisation of the issue, tooth and nail.

NEP 2019: The government, seems in a hurry to enact new policy of education without proper consultation of academic community at large and wants to enforce an education policy granting all rights to private sector. From perusal of the draft, we may infer that the government intends to withdraw slowly from the field of education. The government must give at least six months’ time to deeply study and to file the objections as well as suggestions to implement new education policy. The draft of NEP 2019 carries a lot confusion as well as indication of creating a nexus of capitalists, bureaucrats, casteist and communalist loby in India.

The SDPI registers its strong objection to the lacklustre and partisan posturing and policies of the central as well as state governments on all the above issues. The wrong presentation of the issues and govermentment solute adversely affects the roots of democratic India and its shivers may be felt at the situation of “Rule of Law” in the country. SDPI asks the government to be rational, democratic and inclusive in its practice. Empty words may serve no purpose to have a vibrant and just polity in India.

SDPI warns the government to refrain from such activities of dividing the country on communal lines and pushing the nation into a state of anarchy and total chaos which may endanger national integration and harmony. SDPI will not tolerate any such an attempt by any force. The party will fight back starting a country wide democratic movement against nefarious actions. 

Central Office-SDPI

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