Presidential Election: This is the time to introspect all secular parties – SDPI

New Delhi, 22 July 2017: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) National President A. Sayeed said in a press statement that the election of Ramnath Kovind as the new president of India is not a surprise as the ruling NDA has got majority votes in its quiver. He has been elected as a president in such a time that India is passing through an anarchic and very painful situation as Muslims, Dalits and other minorities have been terrorized by the communal saffron goons with their loony ideals. Though the new president is a hardcore Sangh ideologue, he cannot slip out from the responsibility of safeguarding the interest of our Constitution in its letter and spirit.

Meantime Sayeed expressed shock over the cross voting from the side of secular parties ridiculing secularism and betraying their claim of being secular. West Bengal witnessed 5 cross voting which might be from TMC or CPM, UP 8 might be from SP/BSP/CONG, Delhi 2 from AAP MLAs, Assam 4, Maharashtra 13 which might be from Congress/NCP/Left, 2 MPs of AAP in Punjab, Tripura 7 might be from CONG/Left, Rajasthan 5, Goa 5 from Congress, Gujarat 11 might be from Congress/NCP/JDU and the list continues. This is the time to introspect all secular parties who infected with such pseudo secularists as 116 legislators cross voted across the country favoring NDA.

Quoting the statement of defeated candidate Meira Kumar as she will continue her fight for secularism, the oppressed and the marginalized, Sayeed said, by asserting mere statement does not meet the purpose. If they fought really when they were in power such a devastating situation in the country would not have aroused, he said. The real fight for secularism and oppressed is at the ground and grass root level challenging all kinds of threats on diversity of this country. It is just a fashion of the politicians to give only statements in their despair but never turn toward the miseries faced by the oppressed and marginalized people of this country.  A. Sayeed, called up on all the secular parties to re-invent their parties on clear ideals of secularism and diversity of this nation.