New Delhi, 27 July 2017: Social Democratic Party of India National President A. Sayeed, in a press statement said, Nitish Kumar’s resignation from the post of Bihar’s Chief Minister and shifting of loyalty from “Maha Ghatbandhan’ to ‘NDA’ is against mandate of the people of Bihar. Hence, Bihar assembly should be dissolved and a fresh election to be conducted to get a clear mandate from the people.

Sayeed said, in the previous assembly election in Bihar majority of people of Bihar voted for the alliance of secular parties to keep away communal party BJP and its alliance. During the election, Nitish Kumar strongly opposed BJP and PM Narendra Modi and said this nation needs only secular ideals to protect its diversity.  However, after assuming power as CM, Nistish Kumar started inclination towards Narendra Modi and his policies which is against the very principles of ‘Mahaghatbandhan’. Nitish Kumar’s opportunistic and uncertainty of political mindset has damaged the image of ‘Mahaghatbandhan’ many times. His stance towards his colleagues actually benefitted BJP and its allies. Now, resigning from the position of CM and again trying to become CM by seeking support from BJP is an absolute betrayal of the mandate of the people of Bihar.