New Delhi, 20th July 2021: The National President of Social Democratic Party of India M.K. Faizy said, the shocking Snoop gate with the help of Pegasus spyware is unpardonable. The Union BJP Government has orchestrated this sinister design for which the Prime Minister and the Home Minister must resign immediately. A probe by the Chief Justice of India or JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) is the only way out to reveal the conspiracies and to find the veracity of damages by this heinous crime. The Israeli technology company The NSO Group that developed the Pegasus Spyware has hacked and targeted surveillance of hundreds of phones of Indian journalists, diplomats, constitutional dignitaries, politicians, activists, NGOs, etc since 2017. It has collected the private data of the targeted persons including passwords, contact lists, calendar events, text messages, and live voice calls. The Pegasus spyware also controlled the phone’s camera and microphone, and used the GPS function to track the targeted persons. The dangerous aspect of this Pegasus spyware is that this spying suite can be infiltrated into anyone’s phone by just sending emails, missed calls or messages for which the targeted person need not to click on it (Zero Click). This snoop gate has started right after the PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel in 2017. The NSO Group clarified that the spy software has been sold “solely to law enforcement and intelligence agencies of vetted governments”. It’s now clear that Narendra Modi led Union BJP Government has orchestrated this snoop gate to collect the personal information and details of activities of the targeted persons for the purpose of targeting them and to smother them. Any person or statutory body has no rights to hack the privacy of any citizen of this country unless the targeted person seems to be a threat to the security of the nation. However, the Union Government has indulged into such sinister designs and heinous crime under the garb of ‘national security’ is unpardonable. Faizy said, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Home Minister Amit Shah are the brains behind this ‘Snoop Gate’ for which they have no moral rights to continue in the designation. Faizy demanded a probe from the Chief Justice of India or a JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) and immediate resignation of the both for the sake of fare and transparent enquiry of the incident.