The concept of democratic India is mislaying behind for the corporate giants and the communal interest of Hindutva fanatics, says Faizy.

MK Faizy along with Supreme Court Lawyer, Adv Mehmood Pracha and Bhim Army Chief Chandrasekhar Azad in front of Raj Bhavan, Kerala

1) Mr MK Faizy, what is the relevance and Importance of Social Democratic Party of India ?

There are many political parties and other organizations existing in India.  We are more of a movement and change makers in our land’s eco system. Now with the full support of the establishment, right wing hardliners are unleashing all its aggression on Adivasis, Dalits, socially backward communities and religious minorities in India. Social Democratic Party of India is a proclamation of the rights of the Dalit-religious minority and backward classes to live proudly and independently in their homeland in the face of the violent and disturbing situation of India.  Currently, the country is ruled by a corporate-fascist coalition, with the help of communalism, hate politics and caste hegemony as its political capital.  Polarizing politics and hate campaign are giving mileage to communal fanatics.  And now-a-days, the corporate giants have been running their own government by using the communal fanatics.  The concept of democratic India is mislaying behind for the corporate giants and the communal interest of Hindutva fanatics.Ads byAds by

Qn 2 ) Is a nation as diverse as India moving in a right ward shift as we are seeing in Europe and West ?

Unfortunately, India is moving from a progressive democracy to a reactionary politics that is aggressive and hostile. Huge amount of black money and criminals control politics. Political morality and honesty are deteriorating. Authorities are unable to understand and solve the problems of the people and the difficulties they face.  Farmers in the country have been on strike for the past many months. The government is not interested to solve unemployment and hunger, or provide relief to the people for their miseries. Dissidents and protesters are imprisoned under strict and draconian laws. Encroachment of the state on the civil rights of the people is at its peak.  People are not getting adequate food or healthcare facilities.  

The other pillars of democracy, the media and the judiciary, have also been attacked or brought to heel.  It is reported that more than 200 people were lynched to hate crimes.  Dalits and Muslims are always the victims of such atrocities. Not only are the criminals not punished, the government nominates criminals and murderers to responsible positions under the government.  Those who used to call themselves secularists and progressives have become part of the communal illiberal parties. Even the left parties are reluctant to criticize or openly oppose the anti-people policies, communal agendas and hate politics of the Right reactionaries.

3) Is this a new phenomenon, was not there such a strand in Indian politics always ?

It was there earlier too. It was these same fanatics who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, father of the Nation that demolished the Babri Masjid, a more than 400-year-old historical monument. The right wing fanatics have been able to achieve temporary success in their attempt to seize power by destroying communal unity and religious harmony.  The life of people is agonizing. Farmers and labours are in debt and finally seeking shelter in suicide.

It was under these social and political situations, Social Democratic Party of India was formed as the cheers of summer rains at a time when the downtrodden and oppressed people are in despair and helplessness in a polluted socio-political environment.  The relevance and importance of Social Democratic Party of India, is to be assessed in this socio-political context. The party stands as a solution to the miseries of the people and a relief to their concerns.  Social Democratic Party of India is rooted in the motto of ‘Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Hunger’. 

4) There has been  many allegations against your party, What is the future course of your movement ?

We categorically reject everything anti democratic and uphold non violence, secularism, moral values, upliftment of the downtrodden as our core ideology. Minority and backward protection is a constitutional value envisioned by Dr Ambedkar and when we raise such a paradigm, we are defamed with ulterior motives.

Indians must unite and defeat right wing for peace, empowerment and progress of our great nation. The viable social and political forces to fight fascism are the religious minorities, Dalits, Adivasis and backward lower castes.  Social Democratic Party of India is capable of leading the social movement of the downtrodden and oppressed society with great vision.  We envision people beyond caste and religion to be part of movement to awaken our beloved land India.