Not Only Kashmir, Kashmiris Too Are Part Of India – SDPIMK Faizy, national president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) expressed deep shock and grief at the distress of the Kashmiris, and took strong exceptions to the brutal military atrocities in the ‘locked-down’ Kashmir. It’s not only the geographical territory of Kashmir, but the inhabitant Kashmiris too are Indian. Killing, torturing and alienating Kashmiris on the basis of their religious faith will never bring peace but only aggravate the situation in the area, said Faizy. Following the undemocratic and unscrupulous abrogation of Articles 370, and 35A and dividing Jammu & Kashmir into two Union Territories in August 2019, Kashmir was put under complete lockdown by the rulers at the centre. As against international convention, the Internet access was banned or restricted denying the citizens all communications with the outside world. Prominent, secular political leaders are under detention in or outside the state. Outsiders were banned from entering lest they should see the real nature of crackdown. Extra-judicial killing, physical torture, rape, etc have become the new normal in Kashmir. The bragging of the HM Amit Shah that abrogation of Article 370 and 35A would ensure peace in the valley is proven to be wrong. Kashmir is now under undeclared martial law. Brutalities of the army have exceeded all limits of human decency.The latest heart-wrenching photograph of a three-year old child sitting on the dead-body of his grandfather now being widely circulated on social media has triggered outrage all over the world. The military/government version is that they saved the boy from the militants who shot dead his grandfather. But the family of the deceased, and the witnesses refute this claim of the military and they say that the army dragged out the civilian from his car, shot him dead, made the child sit on his body, photgraphed it and circulated it putting the blame of killing on the militants. Faizy, demanded that the inhumane atrocities of the army in Kashmir should be ended immediately and an independent team of human rights and social activists be allowed to visit Kashmir and take stock of the situation and report it.