Central Government Is Selling Out The Country To Its Cronies – SDPI Abdul Majeed KH, national general secretary of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) stated, referring the central government inviting Request For Qualification (RFQ) from private parties to operate passenger train services, that it’s highly deplorable that the Modi government is selling out the country to its cronies. India is witnessing the worst economy management by a central government in its post-independence history. An incompetent Finance Minister in the most inefficient cabinet led by an inept prime minister has totally destroyed the economy of the country. Inflation has gone high; GDP has gone down. The government have no vision or plan to recover the economy. The only economic activity live in the country at present is the regular hike in petrol and diesel prices. The government have relaxed the corporate tax which only helps the corporates to raise their balance, and reduces the tax income to the government exchequer. Decline in the Indian economy is not a Covid19 related phenomenon. Even before the pandemic spread the economy was in decline. The remedy invented by the government to meet the financial deficit due to lack of vision and planning is to sell out the PSUs. The latest in the list of this SALE process is railways. Central government have invited Request For Qualification (RFQ) from private bidders for the operation of passenger train services on 109 Origin Destination (OD) pairs of routes through introduction of 151 modern trains. This is the latest step in privatizing the PSUs. Government have already announced that all PSUs except those in ‘strategic sectors’ will be sold out. India when got independence was an agricultural country facing huge financial deficit. And the first independent India government led by Jawaharlal Nehru rightly assessed the situation and found that industrialization was the emergency solution to resolve the issue of financial crisis and develop the economy and the country. Five-year plans were planned and implemented. A Planning Commission was constituted to monitor the FY Plan. This FY Plan and establishment of PSUs in almost all areas helped the development and growth of the country. The Modi government had discontinued the FY Plan and dissolved the Planning Commission. While the government exchequer is running short of money which the ruling party thinks to resolve by selling PSUs, the BJP coffers are overflowing with money collected through various means including PM Cares Fund.The country is deviating from the socialist, federal, welfare state concept to an authoritarian capitalist state under the fascist rule. This should be fought tooth and nail for the wellbeing and welfare of the downtrodden class, he said.Abdul Majeed urged the government to refrain from selling the public properties and surrendering the sovereignty of the nation to the corporates; and asked all the non-BJP parties to strongly come against the destructive move of the fascist government.