Nationwide ‘Farmers Solidarity March’ by SDPI

Social Democratic Party of India will conduct ‘Farmers Solidarity March’ on 26th January 2021 throughout the nation in support of farmers agitatation. SDPI strongly demands that the ‘Farm Acts’ must be scrapped and the government must ensure the system of ‘Minimum Support Price’ to farmers.Depsite the massive agitation by the farmers since last two months, the Central BJP government is stick on to its arrogance hesitating to fulfil the demands of the farmers. The adament attitude of the government by dilly-dallying with several rounds of meeting with an intention to dilute the unanimity of the farmers is indicating how the BJP is disregard to farmers and labors. On this Republic Day the farmers agitation across the country symbolises that the farmers, labors and common folks are deprived of the fruits of democracy in the country by the dictatorial and ruthless regime which is fond of amplification of crony capitalists. SDPI is committed to the struggle till the justice and rights of the farmers given. Elyas Muhammad ThumbeNational General SecretarySocial Democratic Party of India