SDPI Express Full Support to Farmers and their Agitations.Farmers Tractor Parade in Delhi demanding repeal of three Farm Acts has seen many dramatic and chaotic twists which has raised several questions on handling the situation by the police and Central BJP government. The BJP government is responsible for this entire episode which has been neglecting the farmers demands, reigning baseless and biased allegations and plugging them in dithered meetings. At this juncture, Social Democratic Party of India express its full support to the Farmers Movement and their agitations, said SDPI National President M.K.FaizyThere are several provocative and intimidating measures ignited the ire of the farmers in todays protests. The farmers who were agitating since more than two months were taking out the parade peacefully. However, violent attitude by the police with aggression and unnecessary ‘Lathi Charge ‘ on Farmers, using tear gas and denial of permission on few roads led to chaotic condition. The whole situation raised several doubts that there were some miscreants group in-filtered who tried to spoil the protests and to bring tainted name on farmers, reiterated M.K. FaizySDPI once again caution the Central BJP government to unconditional withdraw of Farm Acts and fulfill the demands of the farmers without wasting time.