The recent custodial death of a 30 year old young terror accused innocent Khalid Mujahid, has created a huge disturbance in Muslims & secular groups across the nation. Police’s statement that the death of the accused is natural is absolutely unbelievable, as the post-mortem report itself screams about several injury marks, blood clotting in many parts of the body, etc. It is nothing but a well-planned conspiracy and killing of an innocent youth against whom the case of terror was fabricated.
Muslims are not safe even in jails now. It is highly misfortune that the innocent Muslim youth are not only fabricated into such terrific cases, pushed into jails but are gravely killed too in custodies.
Social Democratic Party of India condemns such heinous acts and demands:
1) Khalid Mujahid’s family be granted 50 lakh rupees as compensation immediately and that their family members be given Government jobs.
2) Mere suspension of the erring cops would not really serve; they should be arrested and tried in the court of law.
3) Those police officials against whom the uncle of Khalid Mujahid has filed an FIR, in view of the fabrication of fake case against Khalid Mujahid, his illegal arrest/dention be suspended with immediate effect and tried in the court of law.
4) The Hindutwa/Sangh Parivar Advocates who assaulted the advocate of Khalid Mujahid & his associates be arrested and tried in the court of law.
5) The innocents who have been languishing in jails be released immediately. And that such cases be tried and finished in a time-bound system by forming fast-track courts.
6) Nimesh Commission report be made public, table in the Assembly & come up with an ATR.
7) Khalid Mujahid’s death in the police custody in a very mysterious circumstance points toward how unsafe jails are for Muslims. Undoubtedly Muslims are not safe in jails. Those innocents who have been jailed in fake cases be released on bails, and while they are in custody while their bails are in process, should be given the due protection.
SDPI appeals to all the secular groups to raise their voice against such acts unitedly.
Fayaz Ahmed, District President Bangalore
Mohammed Javed Azam, Vice President, Bangalore
Umar Farooq, Secretary, Bangalore
Maulana Saifulla, DWC Member Bangalore
Mohammed Shareef DWC Member, Bangalore