Manipur Turns Out to be Another Gujrat
– Yasmin Farooqui
Yasmin Farooqui, National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India strongly condemned the molestation of two Kuki-Zo christian tribal women, who were paraded naked and gangraped in Manipur. She expressed shock and termed the cruelty inhuman and unbecoming to a civilized society. The dignity of woman is being torn by the rightwing fascists in the country, said Yasmin.
The despicable incident that occurred on May 4th came to public attention after a video which went viral on July 19 showed a large mob parading two Kuki-Zo tribal women naked toward a paddy field to be gangraped.
100 odd people have been killed in the Manipur violence and properties worth crores of rupees have been destructed. People who have lost their homes have been forced to live in relief camps. No sincere attempts from the authorities have been made to bring peace in Manipur. It is high time the central government led by Narendra Modi ended its highly reprehensible silence on the ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur and the culprits behind the violence are brought to books and exemplarily punished, stated Farooqui