New Delhi, 18th June 2022: Sangh Parivar militants and NDA, who came to power in 2014 and 2019 making use of hostility towards Muslims, communalism and the ineptitude of the Congress party, are ploughing the ground for the 2024 election with ethnic hatred, stated Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, National General Secretary of the Social Democratic Party of India.  The people are convinced about the breach of promises and hollow talks of the rulers during this period.  As the election approaches, Modi is on again unabashedly with a bounty of promises. The latest on the list is the announcement of providing jobs for one million youths within one and half years. Modi’s declaration that India would become a superpower in 2020 remains a tragicomedy. Another cruel joke was Modi’s call to the expatriate Indians to return to the country.

Modi sold out many public sector undertakings to his cronies for peanuts. The union government has put the remaining PSUs on an undeclared hiring freeze. As per official statistics, 8.72 lakh posts are vacant in various central government departments. This was the status in 2020, and this number could be double when the vacancies after 2020 are added to it.  This number would exceed 4 million if the vacant posts in the PSUs are taken into account. More than 40,000 posts werer vacant in the public sector banks as per a report six months ago.

Modi’s first promise was that 20 million job opportunities would be created per year. As per this promise, 160 million job opportunities should have been created in the past 8 years. Not only that this didn’t happen, but the recruitment to the departments under the union government was also blocked. According to a report by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, the number of jobless in the country as of December 2021 was 53 million. The unemployment rate is increasing every year. It was 7.11 in 2020 and 7.90 in 2021.

The recruitment to union government services is undertaken by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Staff Selection Commission (SSC) and Railway Recruitment Board (RRB). A separate system is in place for recruitment in the Banking sector.

The total number of recruitments by UPSC, SSC and RRB from 2016 to 2021 was below 4.5 lakhs. And it is them to recruit more than 1800 employees per day. It is amidst these realities Modi is again on the stage to deceive the people with his fallacious announcements. Indian society has to be vigilant to recognise and resist this type of hypocrisy, anti-people stand and the deceit of the rulers, said Elyas.