21st June 2022: Social Democratic Party of India celebrated it’s 13 Formation day Today in different parts of the Country.

SDPI celebrates foundation day, lambasts Centre for restraining freedom

New Delhi: Having completed 13 years, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) celebrated its 14th Foundation Day at its headquarters in New Delhi on Tuesday, 21 June, 2022 with a number of central leaders and state representatives present on this occasion. The programme commenced with the party’s flag hoisting, followed by speeches.In his inaugural speech National Vice-President, Adv Sharfuddin Ahmad, said that the party’s objective is freedom from hunger and fear but its primary concern also includes raising people’s voice. Democracy is increasingly constrained, that is why we are not allowed to hold our meetings in open spaces. It is with the fact that SDPI speaks in democratic language and has not received any official warning, leave aside arrest. Speaking about rampant arrests he said that innocent people are arrested but criminals walk free.

We wish to live fearlessly and we are fighting a battle of ideology. The RSS and the BJP do not have the required training to work in a democracy, he said.The party’s National President M.K. Faizi said that our nation does not have a government functioning on the ideals of democracy and on Constitutional norms. Communalizing politics and militarizing the public is an RSS ideology that is why there is no discussion about work, welfare, he said, taking strong exception to the ruling BJP. The country is being sold out to a limited few and, in order to hide this, they have the agenda of hatred and have made few communities as enemies to divert attention from real issues. Referring to the ongoing agitation over the recently launched Agnipath scheme for recruitment in the army, he said that the youth of the country is on the street but if you raise your voice, you face the bulldozer. This is the only change, you see.

SDPI wants people to dream and keep their dreams of change and progress alive, Mr Faizi said. Speaking against the government is read as sedition. This generates fear in people’s mind. That is why we need to remove this fear and create awareness about this. This fight will continue, he asserted.That India is the biggest democracy and secular nation has been losing its face globally, said Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, General Secretary, SDPI. Why it is so needs to be thought about, said he. The reasons are the BJP government and its fascist policy. Instead of thinking about development, there is always the issue of mandir, masjid, riots, etc.

The Agniveer is one such policy to implement the Hindutva agenda in the country. If we want a change, we need an alternative which is how the SDPI came into existence and that is why we have our simple slogan: freedom from fear and freedom from hunger, he said, informing further that SDPI today exists in 22 states and it is growing. We are creating a major force to fight against fear and hunger. We will fight for a new revolution. Convener, Abdul Qadir thanked the speakers, guests, party cadres and participants. Faisal Izzudheen, Abdul Sattar, National Secretaries SDPI; Dr I A Khan, Delhi State Present; Zaheer Abbas NWC member and others were present.