New Delhi, 09 May 2016: Several socio-political organizations including Loksamiti Delhi, DSA, Social Democratic Party of India-SDPI, Women India Movement-WIM, Adarsh Parivar and Khudai Khidmatgaar held a massive joint protest demonstration at Kerala House, New Delhi, condemning the brutal rape and murder of a Dalit Law Student Jisha in Kerala.

There is a need of strict implementation of the anti-rape laws which are already there in our country in order to control the rampant crimes against women. The governmental agencies should speed up the investigations and the judiciary should play its serious role in pushing the culprits behind the bars in a fast-track mode, said Adv. Aslam, SDPI Delhi State President.

Dr. John Dayal expressed anguish over the unfortunate incident and said it is deplorable that such a heinous incident happened in Kerala, the highly educated state which is also addressed as God’s own Country.

Adv. N.D. Pancholi expressed dismay and termed the rape and murder of Jisa, the Law student in Kerala, as unfortunate. He said, Jisha is another Nirbhaya, who has been mercilessly killed and again the terrorism of Casteism has shown its ugly face. It is Nirbhaya after Nirbhaya, neither the Governments are pragmatic in walking their talks which they promise nor is there any change in mindset of the society which is resulting in such barbarous and cruel incidents of rape, said Pancholi.

Addressing the gathering during the demonstration, SDPI National Committee Member Shaheen Kausar said, we celebrate Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and honour women on various occasions but the society’s mind-set towards them is still pitiful. The governments should enact the stringent laws and award the remarkable punishment to instil dreaded fear in the hearts of criminals.

The protesters later submitted a memorandum with the President of India appealing for speedy action in the case and a copy was sent to the Kerala Chief Minister through the Resident Commissioner of Kerala House.

Renowned rights activists Loksamiti General Secretary Devendra Bharti, State General Secretary Muslim Majlis e Mushawarat Tehseen Ahmed and a huge gathering of women and children participated in the protest.