It Will Remain a Delusion to Suppress Anti-Fascist Fight Using Enforcement Directorate – SDPIEnforcement Directorate (ED) is the worst servile and the most inept agency in the country at present. ED has turned out to be a cheap tool in the hands of the Modi government to intimidate the political opponents and dissenting voices. The fascist government has succeeded in subduing the politicians with records of misappropriation. Alas, the government has failed in identifying the difference between craven lot who are guilty and the resolute people who have nothing to hide from the government or the public. The central government is now facing the worst crisis and threat in its 6-year misrule of the country. Majority of the bigots in the country had been ready to endure any sort of drawbacks and miseries when Modi announced demonitisation and introduced GST as the fascist were successful in making the majority of the people believe that those acts would adversely affect Muslims only. So, everybody kept an eerie silence without opposing it. But, the recently enacted Farmer Bills, which in no way could be explained to be targetting Muslims, have boomeranged and the farmers from all over the country, especially from Punjab and Haryana, the agricultural hub of the country are on the war path to get the anti-farmer laws repealed. All attempts of the union government to suppress the protest using force or to appease the farmers using sops have failed in front of the steadfastness of the farmers.It has become a regular practice to use some ruses to deflect the attention from the major issues when the government is in crisis. Often, it has been terror attack plots or terrorism in the border. This time it is the raids at the houses of Popular Front leaders, and offices of Popular Front by the Enforcement Directorate. The ED had, in last February, conducted a deep investigation into the allegations of 120 crores spent by Popular Front for the anti-CAA protests across the country, especially for organising Shaheen Bagh protest. They had failed to find evidence to prove anything related to the allegation. In today’s raid also they were put on shame by the locals who made them to give in writing that nothing has been discovered during the raid. Crores of rupees had been exchanged recently to buy Congress MLAs in several states by the BJP leaders. The ED has never conducted an enquiry into these exchanges of huge sums of money. No houses of BJP leaders were raided by them in this connection. And nobody expects them to indulge in burning their fingers by inviting the dissatisfaction of their masters. The government is in the paradise of fools, if they think that the resoluteness and fighting spirit of Popular Front could be stifled or debilitated by the use of such raids or false implications. That dream will remain a delusion. Social Democratic Party of India strongly condemns the unwarranted raids by the ED today, and warn the government that SDPI will be in the forefront of the fight against fascism with Popular Front. Don’t try to intimidate those who are not ready to succumb to threats.MK FAIZYNATIONAL PRESIDENTSDPI7,645People reached567EngagementsBoost Post

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