Fuel Price Rise Anti-People: SDPIThe incessant increase in the fuel prices, intended to help the cronies of the ruling party adds to the declining economy of the country. It causes inflation followed by rise of commodity prices crushing the common man who already is struggling due to loss of income resulted from the lockdown, stated PH Abdul Majeed, the national secretary of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). Petrol, diesel and cooking gas prices are increased without any criterion. He said that since November 20 last year, the oil marketing companies Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum have raised fuel prices on nine occasions. The GDP has already touched the rock bottom, and there are no signs of steps being taken to improve it. The Finance Minister has put the blame of GDP decline on God. Stabilisation of fuel prices was a promise in the BJP manifesto. BJP has never endeavoured to stabilise or control the fuel prices, but it gave the right to hike the prices to the oil companies on their whims, instead. Abdul Majeed demanded that the fuel price hike should be rolled back immediately and urged the Central Government to rein in the Oil companies.