New Delhi, 6th June 2022: It is sedition, said Yasmin Farooqui, National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India and she demanded to arrest Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal, the BJP activists, slapping sedition charge for disgracing India in front of the international community.

The dirty, derogatory and obnoxious utterance of Nupur Sharma has invited strong and adverse reactions from the Muslim countries, forcing BJP to suspend her and Jindal.

The only activity that flourishes in the Sangh Parivar ruled India in the recent years has been communal polarisation, bigotry and hatred. Those engage in hatemongering and unleashing atrocities against the Dalits and minorities, especially Muslims are honoured by conferring them with high posts in administration and bureaucracy.

Those who have been laughing and enjoying the miseries of Muslims are now forced to take punitive action against the hatemongers in place of rewarding them. It is a good sign.

It is high time that the Sangh Parivar fascists realised that their absurd hatemongering, hatred and racism are destructing the country, and ended these fissiparous activities, said Yasmin.