New Delhi, 8th June 2022: Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmed, National Vice President of the Social Democratic Party of India strongly denounced the plan of the UP government to seize the properties and raze the residences and buildings of the Muslim accused in the recent unrest in Kanpur.

The unrest in Kanpur has been the aftermath of the derogatory comments of BJP spokespersons Nupur Sharma and Navin Kumar Jindal about the Holy Prophet which have raised protests across the world compelling the BJP to initiate disciplinary action against the two.

Respecting the law of the land has always been an anathema to the right-wing Hindutva fascists. The government of Uttar Pradesh led by Ajay Bisht aka Adityanath is the paragon of the Hindutva Rashtra being dreamt by the jingoists. Rule of law is alien to them. The Supreme Court of India had commented against the UP government in the property attachment cases in anti CAA protest “You Are The Complainant, Prosecutor, and Adjudicator”. Still, the UP government continues to be the complainant, prosecutor and adjudicator. Neither the government nor any authority is entitled to punish the accused. It is the judiciary to decide the punishments.

The unlawful acts of the Adityanath government will have dire consequences detrimental to the state and if the government doesn’t withdraw from the bulldozer hooliganism and attempts to seize the properties SDPI will lead strong people’s protests and agitations seeking justice, stated Sharfuddin.