New Delhi: Once again Government has proved that it does not believe in democracy or parliamentary system by issuing notification to authorize 10 investigating agencies to peep into the privacy of the citizens. It is a lame excuse that the notification is an addition to the rules framed in 2012 to the 2009 act passed by then UPA govt. If it is true then why give powers to eavesdrop on mobile phones and computers of every citizen in the country who are not included in the original act.

Reacting sharply to the Home Ministry notification SDPI National President Mr. M K Faizy further said that the nation is facing a situation worse than Emergency, when by a simple notification put all people under the scanner of certain Govt. agencies. This is against universally acknowledged rule of personal privacy and the spirit of Supreme Court decision upholding the right to privacy. And surprisingly a lame- duck Government with hardly 3 months to go is issuing an order involving the whole country with taking the parliament into confidence. SDPI President said that notification is clearly aimed to spy on the opposition leaders and forces of civil society raising voice against the Govt. and its corruption and anti-people policies. Sensing a clear defeat in forthcoming Lok sabha elections after a severe jolt in 5 state recently concluded Assembly elections BJP doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to see its victory even by all immoral, unconstitutional and undemocratic ways.

Severely condemning the Union Govt. move Mr. Faizy termed the notification as a dangerous addition to already existing draconian laws like UAPA, MCOCA, GJOCA etc.  SDPI has always opposed such laws and measures taken by either past UPA Govt. or present NDA dispensations as all such laws a tool in the hands of the autocratic state to curb the sovereignty of the people. It clearly paves way for police state.

Mr. Faizy wonders how the opposition benches led by Congress staged only a symbolic protest in the parliament and did not take to the streets to oppose such a dangerous move.