Income Tax Rule to Furnish Income Tax Return for Pilgrimages Abroad is Unjust – SDPIInclusion of pilgrims in the purview of the new income tax rule that makes furnishing of income tax return mandatory for foreign visits which cost more than 2 lakhs will adversely affect millions of poor Haj pilgrims. Most of the pilgrims going for Haj are venturing for it to fulfill one of the most basic religious obligations in Islam. Many poor people who struggle to keep both ends meet, even, save small amounts for years and decades from their meagre income, with the aim of performing Haj. Asking them to furnish income tax returns will be tantamount to extinguishing their aspirations to perform a life-long desire, only because they are financially poor. Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) strongly urges the Union Government to exclude the pilgrims from furnishing income tax returns for going abroad for pilgrimage. MK FaizyNational PresidentSocial Democratic Party of India