All India Lawyer’s Council organized Central Committee meeting at New DelhiFollowing are the items of the resolution passed by the Central Committee of the AILC.Resolution:The proposal for resolutions meant to be passed by the Central Committee of AILC on 24th day of Oct 2020:-1. The attack on the Federal and Parliamentary System of the country by the BJP’s Modi Government.2. Condemnation of the conspiracy changing the Idea of India by appointing cultural committee to change the country into a theocratic state and destroying as well as dismantling the democratic institutions democratically developed into India.3. State terrorism and lawlessness being promoted and patronised particularly in the state of U.P. headed by criminally inclined Yogi Adityanath.4. Cruelty and brutality unabashedly perpetuated to the marginalised sections of the society particularly Dalits and Muslim in U.P. culminating in Hathras case.5. Condemnation to the move of the Modi Govt for changing the Criminal Laws of the Country through a henpecked committee.6. The Amendments in labour as well as in Farming Laws Burying the welfare state enslaving farmers and the labourers so far protected by the 73 years of Republic of India. 7. The “Hindutva expansion” under the guise of pandemic, misusing the government official machinery to weaken the Constitution and Democracy in all respects.8. Opposition for the visible trends to patronize the Criminals and the anti-social elements who spate hatred and violence among various sections of the society.9. The failure of the foreign policy resulting in lowering the dignity and reputation of India, the status of the Country economically and diplomatically both even in neighbouring Country.10. Direct recruitments in central administration by sideling the UPSC and abandoning the reservation policy well settled by law of the Land.