Govt. Should Take Strong Action Against ‘Bullibai’ App and Its Promoters – WIM

New Delhi: Women India Movement (WIM), has urged the President of India to take cognizance of the creators of “Bullibai/Bullideals” App if police fails to book the fraudsters and take stern action against them.Yasmin Islam, National General Secretary of WIM, in a statement said that these hooligans have through the App targetted Muslim women which have shamed our nation and culture. The internet trolls have taken to posting degrading, doctored images of Muslim women on the internet through a platform called ‘Bulli Bai’, wherein this time the well-known women from Hyderabad have been targetted. Yasmin said it is most shocking thing that those social activist women who raise their voices for the truth, and question the government have been targeted through this App. The government will have to answer whether this is a well planned conspiracy against Muslim women. She said that just blocking this App is not the solution to this problem. Rather, strict action will have to be taken against the creators of this App so that this type of crime is not repeated.Yasmin said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much vaunted slogan of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” becomes a farce when such heinous crime is being committed against daughters in the country and he becomes a mute spectator. An attempt is being made to denigrate the character of social activist Muslim women in this way, so that women would be silent in fear and never raise their voices, they think.She pointed out that an obnoxious App called ‘Sulli Deals’ had featured on the same GitHub platform last year. Then many social activist women had lodged complaints but action was not taken, due to which incidents like Bulli deal are being re-enacted today.Yasmin demanded firm action against the creators of the App before it is too late as this embarrasses the nation as a democracy.