Government is positioning itself further away from the people – SDPI

New Delhi: As per the notification published in the official gazette dated 16th March 2018, the Central Government has amended the schedule under the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946 and various provisions towards the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Central Rules, 1946. As per the amendment ‘Fixed Term Employment’ has now been introduced in all sectors of job irrespective of the category of industry.

A workman employed on ‘fixed term employment’ basis, who’s service is terminated, as a result of non-renewal of contract for employment or on the expiry of such contract period without it being renewed, shall not be entitled to any notice or pay in lieu thereof. A temporary workman, who has completed three months continuous service, will be given two week’s notice of the intention to terminate his employment if such termination is not in accordance with the terms of the contract of his employment. There would not be any chance to be heard, no compensation would be paid, no appeal can be moved or not even a reconsideration can be claimed for.

Social Democratic Party of India strongly demands the government to repeal the rule and protect job security of lakhs of labours in the country.

It can be seen that the amendment is brought in a hurried way. The important amendment has been made by an executive order, without the matter being sent to the parliament or being subjected to the scrutiny of experts including representatives of political parties and trade unions. This is an underhand method of bureaucrats taking up the legislative power enjoyed by the parliament on matters of peoples’ interest. It is clear that the amendment is brought about under pressure from a powerful Corporate, Business and Industrial lobby.

It is sure that the employers, including central and state governments, will resort to fixed-term contract instead of regular employment in order to avoid complications of service rules, provision of rights and benefits to employees, pension schemes, reservation –etc. For employers, fixed-term contracts are attractive because they provide flexibility in hiring for a limited time, freedom from technical hitches relating to termination of employment and exclusion from the requirements of the contract labour law.

Demonetisation has already spoiled the unorganised sector, the small and medium enterprises. Even before the demonetisation the lower level business sector of the country was sinking to death , due to various decisions taken by the government to appease big business class inside and outside the country. Demonetisation pulled the plug for employment prospects of millions of contract workers, daily wagers and others employed in temporary jobs in the unorganised sector across the country. Then came GST. Its’ messing up impact has destroyed employment intensive sectors like textiles, construction and real estate. Modi Government is still not contented. Now it is another rolling up on the people in the form of amendment in Industrial Employment Rules.

Social Democratic Party of India strongly demands the government to repeal the rule and protect job security of lakhs of labours in the country.