ED Raid at MK Faizy’s Residence is Politics of Vengeance
NEW DELHI, 28/02/2024: BM Kamble, the National Vice-president of the Social
Democratic Party of India strongly condemned the raid at the residence of SDPI
National President MK Faizy, in Kerala. The BJP govt is trying to suppress
those who speak against its partisan, antagonistic and communal policies and
rules and this raid is nothing but the part of politics of vengeance, said Kamble.
Faizy has been a strong criticiser of the dangerous far-right acts of the BJP
government and he has been leading agitations against the authoritarian and
anarchic rule of the BJP. Obviously, this raid is to intimidate those who stand
against the misrule of the Sangh Parivar.
However, no raids will prevent the party from raising its voice against
authoritarianism or deter it from pointing out the anti-democratic activities and
the polarisation politics of the Sangh Parivar, said Kamble