Electoral Bond – The Panacea of the Fraudsters to Thwart Probe Against Them
Information emerging out post electoral bond data release point out to a big scam of multiple crores, involving the political parties, the ruling BJP being top in the list, through an opaque operation through bank. Though the political parties will not face any adverse impact due to this multi-crore fraud, it helps the common man to understand the parties that he believes to be his saviour and protector and helps to have an idea about the greenroom activities of these parties and the unholy nexus between them and the crorepatis engaged in various sorts of murky businesses in the country.
Most of those who have purchased the bond with huge amounts are those who were undergoing probe by the ED and the IT department for financial irregularities. When any of these agencies or both raid the premises of those companies, the company management buys electoral bond. There ends the probe!
The topmost buyer of the bonds worth Rs. 1300 crores, Fortune Gaming and Hotel Services Pvt. Ltd, owned by the lottery fraud Santiago Martin, started purchasing the bonds when ED began attaching its properties in a money laundering case. The second and fifth toppers too had been undergoing investigation by these agencies.
Altogether, fourteen out of the total 30 buyers of the electoral bond are those facing investigations for financial irregularities, and most of the cases they face are money laundering and tax evasion. So, they have been trying to bribe the parties through the electoral bonds to save themselves from the legal consequences of their irregularities. The ruling party has been blatantly deceiving the common people by exonerating those tax evaders, by collecting bribe in the guise of electoral bond that cause heavy losses to the public exchequer, and denying the common man the benefits he deserves from the government.
Agencies raid the companies for money laundering; the companies launder the money by paying the black money to the ruling party through bank account in the name of electoral bond! Case closed.