New Delhi, 6th March 2020: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has expressed deep anguish over the adamant stand of the Speaker not to discuss in parliament the recent gruesome violence in Delhi before Holi.
He was suspending the members from the Congress party for demanding an immediate discussion of the issue in which more than fifty people were dead, hundreds injured and properties worth crores of rupees destroyed. SDPI National President M.K. Faizy said that it is absurd that while the government is not even willing to make a statement about the planned violence and vandalism in the capital city which had killed fifty odd people, it is big mouthed about the Corona virus which has not killed a single Indian.
Since Modi has already declared that he would not celebrate Holi to stand with the victims of Corona virus elsewhere, the Speaker is obliged to let the people know the logic of post- Holi discussion about a more hazardous massacre that led to the death of scores of Indians under his nose.It is ridiculous that the Lok Sabha Speaker instead of directing the treasury benches to start the debate over the violence forthwith has suspended seven members of the Congress party from the House for the rest of the session of Parliament to ward off trouble in conducting the House.
While many countries and the United Nations have expressed their concern about the situation in Delhi, both Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are mum about the violence and are keeping away from the Parliament. He pointed out that the BJP hate speech makers who triggered the violence are sitting scot-free in the Parliament indicates the complicity of the ruling party in the violence. Democracy in the country is breathing its last breath. Thanks to Modi-Shah combine, the Supreme Court, Army CBI and all other institutions are kowtowing to the tyrannical rulers, he added.
It seems that the government is planning something new to divert the attention of the people, and it needs some time to manufacture falsities or to orchestrate “terrorist” attacks somewhere, said Faizy.