New Delhi, 27th Feb 2020: Social Democratic Party of India expressed indignation on the unbridled assault by the Sanghi goons in north-east Delhi with the open support of the police, on the anti-CAA protesters. The violence has been going on uncurbed for the past three days wreaking heavy damage to Muslim properties and killing Muslims. The Complicity of Police, administration & the government is manifest. A number of video clips show the real culprits as well as the design to repeat Gurajat Genocide.

Police stand mute spectators at some points while the goons are engaged in vandalising and setting ablaze mosques, mazars and Muslim properties, and they take part in the violence with the perpetrators at some other locations. Video footage of the goons scaling the minaret of a mosque in Ashok Nagar, thrashing the loud speaker and tying saffron flag imprinted with the image of Hanuman and Jai Sriram slogan on it, and tricolour on the minaret is widespread on the social media tells the true story of the situation. The perpetrators are shouting “we are with you Modi ji” and “Jai Sriram” during their attacks. The attackers seem to have been given assurance of no legal action against them by the authorities. More than twenty people including a policeman have been reported to be killed in shooting and lynching, and more than 150 people are admitted to the hospital with severe injuries including bullet injury. Inspite of the spiralling violence the government has turned a blind eye on it letting loose the goons to engage in violence without fear. 

The current violence is not a spontaneous reaction, but a planned move to create fear among the people who oppose the CAA. The ongoing violence started after Kapil Misra, former AAP MLA and now a BJP leader delivered a highly provocative speech near the Jafrabad Metro Station which was followed by a tweet inviting his followers to the area for attack.  The way the mob violence is orchestrated reek of the 2002 Gujarat Genocide. Saffron flags have been tied in front of the houses and business firms of Hindus in the area to help the Sanghis attack Muslims only.  A viral photograph shows a Muslim shop alone destroyed leaving the two Hindu shops on both sides of it untouched. The police response to the perpetrators seems to be as per directions from top as was in UP.

Mr.Aravind Kejrival has shattered all the hopes and mandate recently imposed into him against fascist and communal forces. He remained a mute spectator for three days when full hell was happening into North East Delhi. Delhi Government totally failed provide any help to hapless victims.

SDPI takes strong exception to the proposal without any ground and transfer to Punjab & Haryana High Court in a hurry of Hon’ble Mr. Justice S Muralidhar who was impliedly stopped from further hearing of Delhi case by making immediate order by the Central Government on same day of the order dated 26th of February 2020 passed to register FIRs and posting the case for next day further hearing. SDPI requests to Supreme Court to revoke its proposal of 14th of February 2020 and to permit Justice S Muralidhar to continue as judge in Delhi High Court.Media persons are prevented from video graphing the incidents, and some of them were forced to remove their pants to confirm their Hindu identity. It is total anarchy on the street in this area.

The statement issued by the Central Secretariat of SDPI has added that the violence and killings of the protesters will not weaken the nation-wide agitations against CAA and will continue till justice is done.The party however welcome the intervention of Delhi High Court asking for FIRs on the hate speeches by the BJP leaders.


  1. That Home minister must resign forthwith.
  2. Full Compensation to the loss of lives and properties proportionate to damages and 1 crore Rupees compensation to each loss of life and 50 Lakh Rupees to grievously injured persons be immediately granted and paid by Delhi Government.
  3. The hate and violence mongers and provocateurs like Anurag Thakur, Kapil Mishra, Parvesh Varma must be arrested and be sent to jail after registering FIRs against all of the rioters, Agent provocateurs and Police personal found in complicity and abetment of crimes.
  4. A judicial inquiry headed by a siting judge either of Supreme Court or High Court be instituted immediately having proper terms of reference after adequate consultation.


MK Faizy, National President

Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmed, National Vice President

Mohammed Shafi, National General Secreatry

Dr. Tasleem Rehmani, National Secretary