New Delhi, 11th Feb 2020: Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has termed the Delhi Legislative Assembly election results as the triumph of development agenda of Aam Aadmi Party, (AAP), over communal politics of BJP.

SDPI national general secretary Abdul Majeed Kodlipet in a statement said that the politics of hate has been temporarily defeated in Delhi and this sends a positive message to the country. The Delhi assembly election campaigns have been the most venomous and vulgar, the credit for which should go to BJP. With the hateful content of the BJP campaign the party knew that it was staring at a landslide defeat and since it did not have a counter-strategy to neutralise AAP’s upperhand, it resorted to communal and hateful rhetoric for Hindu vote consolidation.

Abdul Majeed said that the extra-ordinarily negative campaign by BJP annoyed many middle class BJP supporters. The negative campaign by BJP in 2015 had also been rejected. “Goli maro…” rhetoric should have definitely been avoided but the top leadership did not learn any lessons from history. The BJP-led NDA has now lost six state elections in the last two years despite an overwhelming win in Parliament elections in 2019.

He said that the BJP also suffered due to its over-confidence. After a massive victory in the 2019 general election and then the enactment of Triple Talaq, CAA, the sweeping changes in Kashmir, and the Supreme Court order in favour of Ram Mandir, the BJP believed that the consolidation of Hindu vote would lead them to an easy victory in Delhi. In contrast, AAP focused on selling what it had delivered. Politics is a game of perception. And AAP won the perception battle handsomely.

Abdul Majeed said that Arvind Kejriwal’s win proves that people of Delhi have love for their country and they are concerned about the development of the country and the future of their children. They have booted the policy of hatred, policy of Hindu Muslim divide and the policy of rhetoric on Pakistan.