New Delhi, 2nd May 2021: MK Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) congratulated the voters of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala for not electing the fascist BJP or its allies to power. The results are promising with regard to the general attitude of the voters in keeping the fascist forces away from the field in these states, stated Faizy. In Kerala, BJP that had one seat in the outgoing assembly was not given a single seat by the voters this time. In Tamil Nadu also, majority of the voters have exercised their franchise against the front led by AIADMK in alliance with the BJP.

The most pleasing results are from West Bengal.  BJP had used its entire party machinery and its political power at the centre to grab power in West Bengal. In order to ensure their victory, election in West Bengal was conducted in 8 phases. All the top brasses of the party led by Narendra Modi had been camping in West Bengal and campaigning at each phase of the poll. Transcending all these hullabaloos and show of power, All India Trinamool Congress under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee is heading for a convincing victory in West Bengal with more than 200 seats, leaving BJP with less than 100 seats. Mamata single handedly achieved this historic victory fighting not only the fascist BJP, but also the so-called secular Indian National Congress and CPM who contested unitedly to defeat Mamata.

BJP has pathetically failed in reaping benefits from its communal agenda in West Bengal. While Assam, a state that has already been divided by the sangh parivar on communal basis, and Puducherry stood with the fascists, people of West Bengal undeniably repudiated the fascist agenda of communal polarisation and hatred; and stood with Mamata Banerjee. The West Bengal voters deserve a great applause for their positive stand against fascism. The lesson that the West Bengal poll results give to the Indian polity is that the fascists will fail before an electorate led by a strong leader of indomitable determination and will, said Faizy.

Faizy called upon the secular political parties to learn this lesson from West Bengal and stand united to fight and defeat the fascist government that is leading the country into catastrophe.