CAA Agitation: Stop Revengeful Act Of The Government – MK Faizy

Delhi: MK Faizy, national president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) demanded the central government to end the revengeful act of rampantly arresting and incarcerating the students who had participated in and led the anti-CAA agitations, exploiting the favourable circumstance provided by the lockdown. It has been a couple of days ago that Meeran Haider, the student wing leader of RJD and Safoora Sargar, a student organizer, both of them the students of Jamia Millia, were arrested linking them to the Delhi violence in February. News of arresting and interrogating students involved in organizing the anti-CAA protests and arraigning them in various riot cases are coming out.

Management expert and Dalit intellectual Dr. Anand Teltumbde, and the well-known media-human rights activist Goutham Navkhala are under NIA detention from 14th April, invoking UAPA on them in the Bhima Koregaon case. It was on 1st April that the UP government charged a case against Siddarth Varadarajan, the renowned journalist and editor of The Wire Online. While many states are pondering about releasing the detainees by commuting the sentence and sanctioning parole, to curtail the spread of corona and reduce the impact of the pandemic, the government headed by Narendra Modi is abusing the government system to quieten its political opponents by slapping fake cases on them. All who believe in democracy should come forward against the fascist government that use even disasters as cover to implement their wicked political agenda, urged Faizy.