SDPI condemns the proposal of collection of Toll fee on Highways

SDPI emphasises the authorities to revoke the decision

In this regard, SDPI National Vice-President Dehlan Baqavi has mentioned in his press release as follows._

We are aware that the lockdown is extended for more 19 days up to 3rd. May to contain Covid19 spread. Because of the unplanned lockdown, migrant workers and poor people across India are facing hardships. The people facing difficulties due to hunger and starvation on daily basis are routinely reported by the media. Instead of announcing relief packages to the suffering people, our Prime Minister is only engaged in giving advices to the people.

In this situation, today National Highways Authority of India has announced that Toll fee would be collected at Toll Plazas from 20th. April onwards. BJP Government has announced such decision on commercial motive without keeping in mind the hardships and consequences in long run to the people which is condemnable.

Apart from the decision of starting the collection, suddenly there was announcement of hiking Toll fee from 5% to 12% is not only shocking but also condemnable.

As the people are already suffering due to lack of production of essential goods and nonavailability of food grains and vegetables and difficulties to buy such things due to financial crisis arose out of lockdown, the proposal of collecting of Toll fee will cause further more hike of costs of essential commodities. Such decision will surely cause more hardship to the people.

As there are scarcities of availability of essential commodities across the country, instead of taking measures of availability of such things at lower prices, Government’s decision of collecting Toll fee will only help further price hike which could not be a good decision of pro people Government.

From this, it is clear that the Central Government is only concerned about the profits of private sector companies. Putting more burden on people by the decision of making way to profits of private sector companies is not acceptable in any way.

Therefore, I emphasise the Government not to implement such decision of collection of Toll fee until the steps of fight against Coronavirus spread are completed and the normal life of people return after the effects of lockdown. I request that The National Highway Authority of India should come forward to revoke it’s order of resuming the collection of Toll fee throughout India.

Dehlan Baqavi,
National Vice-President,
Social Democratic Party of India.