New Delhi, 9th July 2022: Imposing a huge fine on human rights organisation Amnesty International India and its former executive chairman Aakar Patel by the Enforcement Directorate is yet another act of hostility towards human rights by the Sangh Parivar, stated MK Faizy, National President of the Social Democratic Party of India. ED has been the infamous stooge that the Sangh Parivar freely uses to intimidate and suppress the opposing voices against the injustice of the Sanghi government and its back-seat driver RSS. India has turned out to be an intolerant country towards human rights and justice under the tyrannical rule of the right-wing Hindutva forces led by Modi. In the Modi-fied India you get hunted by ED if you are vocal against injustice, and you get nominated to Rajyasabha if you are panegyric on Modi, said Faizy.

Amnesty International India is a unit of the Amnesty International network, an organisation reputed for its human rights protection activities across the world.  And for this very reason the organisation has been a thorn in the flesh of the Sangh Parivar since 2014, the year that sadly witnessed the ascension of the racist right-wing Hindutva forces to power at the centre, and the year since when human rights have become a strange term in the country.

The union government’s hostility towards Amnesty is not a new development. The government has been engaged in a smear campaign against Amnesty International India since 2018, for its reporting on human rights violations in India. The organisation was forced to halt its operations on 30th September 2020 as part of a continual crackdown on civil society in India. Its office and trustees’ residences were raided several times and the organisation’s account was frozen in September 2020 forcing it to halt operations and let go off its staff members.

Amnesty International India appears to have been targetted because of its work on a range of issues including the government’s crackdown on human rights defenders; human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir and the reports about the role of Delhi Police in the northeast Delhi Riots.

Such acts by the Modi government intended to muzzle the mouths of the agencies telling the truth and exposing the human rights violations using ED are not going to help it to hide its ugly face of intolerance, bigotry and racism from the world, but it is going to disfigure further the already crooked image of the union government, said Faizy.