Ban on PFI in Jharkhand; Undemocratic and Cowardly – SDPI

New Delhi, 23 February 2018: Social Democratic Party of India National President A Sayeed, in a press statement issued here today stated that ban imposed by the Jharkhand state government on the activities of Popular Front of India in the state is undemocratic and cowardly. This is a part of the continuous human rights and civil rights violations doubling-up in the state year by year.

The state has become notorious for killing and lynching in the name of cow-protection. Communal and caste hatred also is on the increase. The BJP Government of the state and its’ highly biased police are playing all the cheap games to protect criminals. It is a fact that the Government is holding a grudge towards the activists of Popular Front of India for taking up some lynching cases and launching legal fights against the perpetrators of communal murders. A police officer is facing legal action for his prejudiced stand towards Muslims.

This ban is a back door game by the government to muzzle whistle blowers. They want to terrorize the weaker section of people and suppress all kinds of protests and disagreements.

Social Democratic Party of India demand the Jharkhand Government to immediately revoke the ban and maintain values of freedom and democracy.