New Delhi, 9th Nov. 2019: Social Democratic Party of India is shocked at the Supreme Court Judgment giving the Babri Wakf Land to the Hindutwa regime at Delhi to build the Ram temple as it serves only the political objectives of Sangh Parivar. In a statement M K Faizy, the president of the party, said that while exercising powers under Article 142 of the Constitution the honourable judges of the Supreme Court have not delivered complete justice to the both parties. The SC has admitted  that the idol of Ram was forcefully installed in the mihrab of the masjid  yet  in the same breath gives the  whole wakf land to Ram Lalla Vajraman destroying the basic concepts of natural justice .Giving five acres of land somewhere in the city is merely  a sop to pacify people, the statement continues.

The Babri Masjid issue has been a touchstone of the powers and responsibilities of different branches of the Constitution to find if they are bound to the basic principles of equity and justice, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Unfortunately the three branches have failed one time or the other. The judgment is painful as it creates sense of fear and despair in millions of Indian citizens who bank up on the integrity of the Supreme Court. In the long run it will help weaken the country’s secular and democratic fabric.

SDPI calls up on Muslim organizations to explore further legal avenues to correct the injustice and restore faith in the apex court of the country.