Supreme court’s verdict is a sheath of abnormality & contradiction: Elyas Muhammad

Bangalore: While reacting to Supreme Court’s verdict on Ayodya dispute, Social Democratic Party of India Karnataka State President Elyas Muhammad Thumbe said that this verdict is absolutely unsatisfactory as the judgment not considered the zenith of justice and transparency.

He said, Supreme Court itself now agreed that Namaz were offered in the Babri Masjid till 1949 and the idols were illegally kept in the Masjid by trespassing into it. This was a title dispute in which Supreme Court availed all legal documents proved undisputedly that the entire land and building was the property of Babri Masjid. In spite of these hard facts the intention of the judges are not clear that why they gave the land to Ramlalla.

It’s an unanswered question now that, if the Supreme Court is arriving to an assumption unilaterally on the basis of Archaeological excavation that there was a building existed other than Masjid, then why it has not considered the facts, legal records and live witnesses.

Though we mandatorily accept the verdict of Supreme Court, this verdict created abnormality, non-transparency and several contradictions, said Elyas Muhammad Thumbe in press statement.