New Delhi, 31st Oct 2019: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has said that the visit of more than two dozen Members of European Parliaments (MEPs), to Kashmir has, as predicted, concluded on expected farce lines with their verdict proclaiming: “Everything is normal, Government has done exceptionally well in handling the situation”.  The “match-fixing” was complete and successful. MEPs visiting in bullet proof vehicles with a security convoy and meeting people like DGP and Chief Secretary of J & K only and calling it normal explains it all. BJP has left no stone unturned in maligning the Indian polity, the party said.

SDPI national president M. K. Faizy in a statement said that an independent delegation has to be unbiased, neither on the govt. side nor on the opposition side. However, it looks like European right wing giving clean chit to their Indian counter parts.   In fact, India has become a laughing stock in the civilized world, in the hands of Sanghis .Faizy said that the outcome of this Public Relation (PR) stunt and staged drama was known beforehand. A carefully chosen bunch of MEPs was brought on a picnic to issue a worthless certificate as tutored. It was an attempt to mislead the international community while innocent Kashmiris are paying the price for this massive propaganda with their life and blood.

Faizy questioned as to why didn’t the Modi Government allow an MP Chris Davis, because he demanded the real process of acquiring information? The EU delegates sang a song in praise of ruling party because they never got to meet the locals.  These Right wing MP’s have no significance as they are not officially representing EU. He lamented that the Kashmir issue has been internationalized by the visit of MEPs despite the fact that we claim Kashmir is our internal issue. Then what was the need to invite these EU law makers?

He said that it was a stage-managed drama and picnic for international participants, who are hardly experts on Kashmir. What does it matter what they say on internal issues of our country? Is it that Modi Govt. is very desperate for any such certificates from people who don’t matter?  Why do not Modi and Shah go and visit Kashmir themselves and and interact with people to see how normal Kashmir is?  Are they scared of facing their own citizens and facing reality?

Meanwhile, it is an intriguing news that this whole melodrama was arranged by one Ms Madi Sharma who is apparently an “International Business Broker”.  As per reports, the invitation to European MPs was sent out by this lady. Faizy reminded the central government that such kind of farce PR exercises would not save its face; instead they would only add to the ongoing mockery.