SDPI terms visit of 27 European Union MPs to J&K as “match-fixing”

 New Delhi, 29th Oct 2019: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has termed it as “match-fixing by Govt. Of India which has allowed a delegation of 27 European Union MPs – 22 of whom belong to far-right parties – to visit Jammu and Kashmir to assess the ground situation after the scrapping of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status under Article 370.

SDPI national president M. K. Faizy in a statement questioned if scrapping of Article 370 has integrated J & K into India, then why Indian politicians were barred from visiting the state? Instead, a group of far-right and fascist-leaning EU MPs have been allowed by GOI. Faizy wondered as to what they will see in the locked-down J & K and whom they will report to. It looks like a stage-managed melodrama to hoodwink the world about Kashmiri’s plight by getting a fake rosy picture endorsed by these European Union MPs. The Modi Govt. is trying to get certificate from paid right-wing lawmakers, whose tour has been organized and financed, for all-is-well in J & K. He said that first of all there is no need to invite any foreigners to come and pass opinions on Indian internal matters as claimed by the government. Even if it is necessary to set record straight then why not allow UN sponsored delegation which has representatives from every country? Will the Modi Govt. have the guts to do so?

Faizy asked as to why are the country’s Opposition leaders not allowed if everything is OK in Kashmir? These Opposition leaders who are not allowed to go there.  They are also elected and they have been elected by the Indian people.  It is certainly a mockery of Indian democracy.

The statement pointed out that the track record of some of the visiting delegation of European Union MPs is very much tainted. Of the 27 members of the European Parliament visiting India, at least 22 belong to right-wing or far-right parties in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. They are broadly anti-immigration in Italy, in favor of Brexit in the UK, and against migration and belong to Marine Le Pen’s party in France, and the far-right and anti-establishment Alternative fur Deutschland in Germany.

Faizy has pointed out that track record of the following included in the panel are tainted for many reasons:

(i) A lawmaker from Poland who was sacked from the EU Vice-President’s post for making a slur with Nazi connotations;

(ii) A lawmaker from France who had accompanied Russian officials and had supported the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea. He was also accused of turning a blind eye to human rights violations in Azerbaijan, and was perceived as an apologist for the ruling Alieve regime;

(iii) A lawmaker from Poland who tweeted with the hashtag “#WhyNotSvastika” — a reference to the Nazi-associated swastika symbol — joining a protest against Soviet-themed merchandise available on Amazon;

(iv) Another lawmaker who, in a tweet, wondered “why there are so many Jews among abortionists despite the Holocaust”, sparking outrage;

(v) Ryszard Czarnecki: In February 2018, the European Parliament dismissed him as one of its vice presidents for a Nazi slur against a politician. European Parliament lawmakers voted 447-196 in favor of dismissing Czarnecki, an MEP for Poland’s nationalist-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party;

(vi) Joanna Kopcinska: In January 2018, as Polish government spokeswoman, she defended the Polish lawmakers’ move that would make it illegal to suggest Poland bore any responsibility for crimes against humanity committed by Nazi Germany on its soil.