New-Delhi, 08th March 2020: In North East Delhi, continuous protests were held against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which is against basic principles of Indian Constitution. While such protests were totally held in a peaceful manner, BJP workers under the leadership of Kapil Mishra instigated and indulged in deadly violence on 23rd February 2020 in the name of Pro-CAA Protest. It is reported that in three days deadly riots, 53 people have lost their lives and more than 500 were badly injured. In this situation, a delegation of SDPI functionaries led by National Vice-President Dhehlan Baqavi visited the areas badly affected by riots and took stocks of the losses. They consoled the affected people who lost their loved ones and belongings.

For two days, the delegation visited all riot affected areas and took stocks of losses. In the delegation, SDPI National General Secretary Abdul Majeed, National Secretaries Dr. Thasleem Rehmani, Dr. Mehboob Awaad Sheriff and National Secretariat Member Abdul Sathar participated. The delegation met the affected people in person and collected information regarding losses and damages occurred to houses, establishments, shops, Mosques and Madrasas. SDPI Central delegation of Office bearers on inspecting the riot affected areas was convinced that violence and carnage were carried out with pre-planned arrangements.

The houses, Mosques, Madrasas and shops belonging to Muslims were brutally attacked and gutted. When inspecting the riot affected areas, it was observed that Muslims’ houses only were attacked and burnt leaving unaffected almost all Hindu houses of the area. As such, it seems that such deadly attacks were planned much in advance. It is also be noted that rioters from outside Delhi were brought to the scene wearing helmets to hide their identity and they joined hands with local Sangh Parivar goons, well prepared with weapons like rods, sticks, swords and pistols for targeted attacks on Muslims . During riots pistols were freely used by hooligans and most of the deaths and injuries were caused by firing. Though the reported the death toll as per official sources is 53 as on date, people are searching for their missed family members in Police Stations, hospitals and Mortuaries. At Musthafabad Relief Camp 250 families have taken shelter from Shiv Vihar locality. The Muslim families in Shiv Vihar locality were totally under severe and deadly attacks by hooligans and their properties were totally looted and destroyed.

On inspecting the riot affected areas, it becomes evident that the attackers were well trained and equipped with deadly weapons. It is fact that this could not be possible without prior knowledge of police and Intelligence departments. Further, the BJP leaders behind this riots who instigated violence by their hate and provocative speeches such as Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur and Pravesh Mishra should immediately be booked and punished as per the laws of the land. It is also observed from the reports of the affected people that the Police not only assisted the rioters to attack Muslims but also in some other instances Police themselves were indulged in violence.

The riot affected people opined that such a deadly violence could not be possible without the assistance of Police department. The people of the riot affected areas told that first the rioters entered their area with deadly weapons, but due to their strong resistance they were driven out. After that they came along with Police and entered their area supported by the Police and started attacking the Muslims and rampaging properties and torching the houses by throwing petrol bombs. Further, 11 dead bodies of mostly Muslims were recovered so far from the ditches of Shiv Vihar area only. Many people believe that there might be more dead bodies of missing people who are not yet traced out. Even after such a deadly violence, Police have not exercised even minimum preventive measures like lathi charge to disperse the rioters. Even now, Police are targeting only those affected Muslims to prevent from filing cases. Those talking about riots and giving interviews to media are threatened and routinely booked by the Police. This shows the continued police bias against Muslims.

The visiting team came to know that in some places, the local people faced the rioters and drove them away thereby saving the people. But in many instances local people remained mute spectators. It is to be noted here that during the protests of Shaheen Bagh and Jamia Millia in Delhi also, there were attempts to instigate by firing bullets. It is a matter of concern how the deadly pistol like weapons were made freely available in the hands of rioters. This free handling of weapons is a serious matter be thoroughly investigated.

On the basis of the facts collected and conclusions reached after the detailed spot enquiry, the Central Delegation of SDPI puts forth the following demands to the Central and State Governments.

1- ₹ one crore worth of compensation be granted to every deceased as it was granted to the killed Head Constable, Rathan All. One member from each family who lost their loved ones be given a Government job. ₹10 lakh compensation to be granted to every injured person.

2- The Government should come forward to build the houses which were totally destroyed and to renovate the houses which were partly damaged. Further, the Government should take initiatives to repair and reconstruct the damaged Madrasas, Mosques and Public establishment like schools.

3- The miscreants behind this deadly riots who instigated violence, Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur and Pravesh Mishra should be booked on severe sections of criminal law and they are to be arrested immediately. The Police protection extended to such miscreants is to withdrawn. As such, all those indulged in violence also be booked under severe sections. The stern action should be initiated against those Policemen who were hands and gloves with the rioters and who did not prevent the riots as mute expectant.

4- Apart from this, the blind targeting of Muslims of affected areas and arbitrary arrests of them should be stopped immediately. The innocent Muslims who were charged with false cases should be released immediately.

5- Further, many videos related to riots are viral in social media. Such videos should be preserved and used as documents for legal formalities by Police. Such videos should thoroughly be analyzed to punish the culprits. In some places, videos displayed in social media clearly show the direct involvement of Police in the riots. These videos also are to be accepted as proof to punish such Police persons who have violated law.

6- Adequate compensation should be given to shopkeepers who lost their livelihood and to house owners who lost their belongings including gold ornaments looted during riots.

7- When the serial attacks and killings on a particular community shook the whole world, Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime minister, Mr. Amit Shah the Home Minister and Mr. Kejariwal who is Delhi chief minister have yet to rush to the affected people to console them. Therefore, the delegation reminds the Delhi Chief Minister and the Union Home Minister of India of their obligation to visit the riot affected areas and to hear the pains and strain of victims and to arrange the redressal of their grievances.

8- Further, Governments at the centre and the state should take necessary measures to arrange relief camps in the riot affected areas, to ensure the safety of the affected people, to facilitate safe passage of displaced people to their homes and to eradicate the fear in their minds. Furthermore, the Governments should come forth to form Peace Committees to inculcate communal harmony among all communities.

9- The reported missing people should be immediately traced out with the assistance of their relatives.