SDPI Karnataka State President Press conference in Mangalore

Alternative Politics is only the Solution for Karnataka State: SDPI

SDPI Karnataka State President Press conference in Mangalore

While welcoming the decision of Karnataka Assembly speaker K.R. Ramesh Kumar to disqualify the 17 MLAs, Social Democratic Party of India, Karnataka State President Elyas Muhammad Thumbe said the decision from the speaker is not only the victory of democracy but also a hard lesson to those elected representatives who sell themselves for their selfish gains and enticements by disregarding mandate.
He was speaking in the press meet in Mangalore and said the 14 months old JDS-Cong alliance government’s achievement was only controlling and keeping their legislators with them despite intense dissidence and internal squabble. The alliance government had no time to think and act regarding states progress, backwardness of North Karnataka, etc. The leaders of both parties are also responsible for the downfall of government within 14 months.

Despite Karnataka, Congress party’s condition is very miserable all over the country. Recent example for this phenomenon is Goa where 10 Congress MLAs left the party and supported BJP. In Karnataka the MLAs of so called Secular parties Congress and JDS, though they were seniors and experienced, left the party to fly and support the rightwing BJP. This shows that these legislators find no differences between secularism and rightist ideologies. This also shows their attitude that they are negligent about the pros and cons of the ideologies.

The senior legislators like Roshan Beg and Ramlinga Reddy who were enjoyed ministership in four cabinet have even abandoned the party for their selfish gains which indicates that they are still immature and they even didn’t learn anything from their experience and seniority. There is an indication that still some legislators are not satisfied in both Cong-JDS.

BJP’s condition is also no different. It’s like the web of conspiracies. Resort politics of unhappy legislators, trap of enticements etc are its proficiency. Previously, in Karnataka, BJP brought bad name to the state by massive corruptions and scams. There is no morality with BJP leaders in the state who questions the morality of other parties in state’s assembly. Today, all these mainstream parties have no importance about the welfare of the state and its people than the prestige of the party and the selfish gains of its leaders.

ElyasThumbe said, this is the right time the people of the state to think about alternative politics to lead the state Karnataka on the path of progress, to upgrade North Karnataka in terms of development and to resolve the issues and problems of poor, labor and farmers of Karnataka. Hopefully, he said SDPI will become one of the alternatives in Karnataka politics.

Dakshina Kannada District President Athaulla Jokatte, Secretary Ikbal Bellare, Noorulla Kulayi, Muneeb Bengre were present in Press conference.