Agitations Against CAA Will Continue as the Covid19 Situation Changes – SDPIThe latest statement of Union Home Minister that the Union Government was committed to implement CAA, and it would be implemented after the Covid19 situation improves is a blatant violations of the constitutional concept of citizenship free from discrimnation based on religion. Moreover it is a threat to the citizshenship right of Muslims against whom the CAA is targetted. The Muslims in India are the successors of those Muslims who declined to migrate to Pakistan after the Partition choosing India as their motherland and decided to live in India. The major portion of the community now living in India is born in the independent India, and per se are the citizens of India. This act which is claimed to cover only migrants from neighbouring Muslim majority countries is a veiled threat against Muslims who are presently Indian citizens. As it is intented to implement along with NRC and NPR, the Hindus found out of NRC will be got accommodated and only Muslims be made aliens. The bigot central government is in the process of making its ideologue Golwalkar’s dream of Hindutwa Rashtra true by imposing CAA. Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) will remain in the forefront of the agitations and protests to safeguard the birth right of citizenship of all Indian citizens. If the Union Government ventures to implement the draconian amendment as the Corona situation changes, SDPI will continue the agitations against it as well. M K FaizyNational President Social Democratic Party of India