A Capitalist Replaced By Another Capitalist, That’s All – SDPIJoe Biden, a Democrat has been elected as the new president of the United States of America. He has defeated the Republican Donald Trump the erstwhile president of the US. Anyone who wins a democratic election should be congratulated. Congratulations Joe Biden. America is a Capitalist Democratic country and so American politics is basically right-wing capitalistic politics. Therefore whether the president is a Democrat or a Republican doesn’t make much difference in their policies. We cannot expect any fundamental changes in its internal-capitalistic politics, its international policies and its colonial outlook. Presidentship of Barak Obama, a Democrat and Black rather had not witnessed any changes in the US policies, and he had been just following the path of his capitalistic predecessors irrespective of their parties. Ruining weaker countries and supporting Israel against Palestine, etc. all continued without any change, even during Obama’s regime. Based on these facts, one cannot hope to see any radical policy changes in Biden’s government. Despite this history, ousting Trump, a fierce racist, an extreme anti-minority bigot and right-wing partisan should certainly be welcomed. It is a lesson to all other rulers who take extreme right-wing and anti-minority stand. This victory also gives the message that such tyrannical and racist regimes are not going to last forever, and that such extreme policies will invariably fall down in front of the will of the people. Election of a female for the first time to the post of vice-president in America is what gives a tinge of difference to an otherwise routine election. Kamala Harris, an Indo-American lady has been chosen as the next vice-president of America by the president-elect Joe Biden. Though Indians have an opportunity to be joyous in her election to the post, this too, as stated above, wouldn’t have any impact on the neo-liberal capitalist policies of America. But, election of a lady of Indian origin to the second key post of the country has volumes to speak to the bigot Indian sanghis, who had been slinging mud at Sonia Gandhi for her Italian origin when Congress won majority in the election and as per precedents she was to be made the Indian PM, being the leader of the party that had the majority to rule. Let’s, still hope the new president-elect would learn lessons from the past and endeavor for a world with peace and harmony. MK FaizyNational President Social Democratic Party of India6,132People reached446EngagementsBoost Post

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